Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Open The Gates For Goth Punk By Using These Simple Tips

Your gothic attire is not complete without gothic beauty accessories to seal mystifying looks. When you look at Victorian beauty standards, you will see that pale skin was once very sought after, hence why a lot of goths use corpse paint, or pale foundation to lighten their skin. Traditional goths tend to be inspired more […]

An Unbiased View of Gothic

The first building in the High Gothic (French: Classique) was Chartres Cathedral, an important pilgrimage church south of Paris. Rouen Cathedral (begun 1185) was rebuilt from Romanesque to Gothic with distinct Norman features, including a lantern tower, deeply moulded decoration, and high pointed arcades. Four-centred arches were often used, and lierne vaults seen in early […]

Punk Or Goth Reviews & Tips

Pastel Goth adds a touch of whimsy to traditional goth outfits while keeping true to their roots. While lace may not be your first think or punk looks, lace is a great element of Goth style. All these types of Goths and Punks are great, they all look stunning and beautiful, and it’s great they […]

A Guide To GOTH At Any Age

Like Mavis and Ruby Gloom, she is very cheerful and does not have the typical pessimistic gothic personality. Mavis is probably the best gothic character because it’s not all the time you see a very cheerful and bubbly gothic girl in the media! So far I’ve worn them with a dress, jeans, and capris (to […]

Watch Them Utterly Ignoring Gothic And Learn The Lesson

Lolita fashion is meant to make the wearer look innocent and youthful, but when it’s paired with the dark edge of goth culture, you are left with a much darker subculture of lolita- the gothic lolita. Deathhawk and mohawks are the recognizable hairstyles of death rock. People tend to try various hairstyles and hair colors […]

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