Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

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For this handmade beaded monogram clutch bag, I recommend a 100% polyethylene clear beading thread that is both strong and flexible. Good scissors have a fine point needed for cutting the thread close to your beadwork as well as for cutting the end of thread without fraying, so you can thread on a needle and have a clean finished design. Belt buckles can become picture frames by cutting the belt off the buckle and using pliers or a jeweler’s saw to remove the prong. You can make a design wall in a couple of hours using foam insulation or fiber board and neutral-colored felt or batting. You can move your bean bag chair all over the house because they are relatively light with no hard edges. These handy little bags are clear, so you’ll always be able to know what’s in each bag without needing to open them. But handmade bags are not mass-produced; instead they are handcrafted by the master craftsman in his or her own studio.

It is best to choose the style you most enjoy first and dedicate yourself to mastering the ins and outs of that distinct style of jewelry-making before trying to take on another something you are less familiar with. We started working on the 1963 models by first doing the Coupe de Ville. With a little kitchen chemistry, you can enjoy a new­ kind of caviar — apple caviar — first developed by Ferran Adrià, the chef of El Bulli Restaurant who experimented with spherification. To prevent your collage from falling apart, make sure you’re using the right kind of glue for each type of material. Next, squirt a dollop of craft glue into the middle of a cap and spread it around using a toothpick or the glue nozzle. Now you can add these bottle cap frames to a collage — dot them around individually or add in one large cluster. Add loads of personality to these cork character magnets!

Read on to find out how to add sparkle with recycled glass. Add in the other material you’ve discovered on your treasure hunt and start picking out the pieces that catch your eye. To hunt for interesting plastic objects, start in your house. Then take your hunt on the road. Then rummage through your recycling bin. Then give it plenty of time to dry. Maybe it’s time to get out some glue and turn your collection into a creation you can frame and put up in your living room. Turn the broken pieces of glass into art. With a little imagination, old bake ware, forks, spoons, belt buckles, thimbles, pet tags, jewelry, candy tins and foreign coins can all be repurposed into art. Other metal materials you may consider include old typewriter keys, zippers, cuff links, service pins, jacks and bottle caps. If you’re low on belt buckles but have a cache of bottle caps, create bottle cap frames. But in this case, the pieces don’t have to fit exactly together.

You’re putting pieces together to form a whole. Make a collage to commemorate the family outing by incorporating pieces of bark, flowers and stones you collected, trip photos, a piece of nylon from your tent and the wrapper from the chocolate you used to make s’mores. Continue to the next page to learn how to make another bouquet with different types of flowers. Or you can make it more abstract, mixing leaves with industrial things like screws and bits of wire. You can give them a “menu” of choices, from a picnic in the park (if weather allows) or a day at the movies or a romp in the ball pits at Chuck E. Cheese’s. It’s lit up every day at approximately 4:30 p.m. It’s what you glue onto the background that makes the difference. To get started, all you need is a background (usually thick paper or poster board, but wood, metal and other sturdy materials work, too), the appropriate glue and random objects. I will redirect my customers to your blogs whenever they need the cleaning tips. But the good thing about plastic items is they will give your collage a three-dimensional effect, which adds texture and diversity to the mix.

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