Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

As the saying goes: “Only unexpected, nothing impossible”, the small-pitch LED display has always been known as the nobleman among the LED displays, and is favored by the market for its high-definition display effect, delicate picture, and infinite possibilities of application expansion. . Let’s take the LED display solution created by Shanghai Sansi for Phoenix Media Center as an example to analyze how the current LED brand can demonstrate the diverse usage and application value of small-pitch LED displays by virtue of technical strength, product quality and bold creative design. of maximization.

Floor tile screen: a “floor” made of small-pitch LED displays

Floor tile screen products are relatively mature, but they rarely get involved in small pitches. Beijing is the cultural and artistic exchange center of our country. Phoenix Media Center is located in the southeast corner of Beijing Chaoyang Park. This is a cultural landmark building with a sense of technology and a sense of the future. Sansi designed and manufactured the small-pitch LED display “floor tile screen” for Beijing Phoenix Media Center. The small-pitch screen with an area of 50 square meters is cleverly installed on the ground of the theme park. When people walk on it, they constantly switch themes under their feet. Being on the bottom of the sea, sometimes traveling in space, brings people an extraordinary visual experience.

Standard stage screen: work “assistant” has a good atmosphere

Beijing Phoenix Culture and Media Center is a comprehensive building integrating TV program production, office, business and other functions. Many well-known company conferences and media events are held here. Sansi designed and manufactured two small-pitched spaces for Phoenix Media Center The led display screen can be described as China’s “good assistant”. The large screen has strong performance and is reliable at critical moments.

Creative alphabet screen: small-pitch screen is not just a square

When it comes to small-pitch LED displays, people tend to think of standard product shapes. In Phoenix Media Center, Sansi carried out “bold innovation” on small-pitch LED displays, jumping out of the shackles of angular images. Sansi designed three pieces of P2 for this project .5 size indoor led display panel creative letter screen, the English letter-shaped small-pitch screen is rare in China, the childlike and interesting screen shape complements the theme park, attracting many children to take pictures.

Whether it is applied to the floor, as a stage screen or a creative letter screen, it is good at breaking the inherent impression, and this is the charm of the small-pitch LED display. A good product must be able to apply, provide a variety of application solutions for the market, or become a differentiated development path for small-pitch LED display manufacturers.

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