Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

The outdoor led panel LED large screen is no longer a simple media display platform for outdoor advertising. It can also broadcast news, information and other video content, forming a new outdoor communication media of public welfare + news + information + advertising. In terms of information, it has a higher value of obtaining information. And these are beyond the reach of traditional outdoor media. Since then, outdoor advertising has galloped in the advertising market as two carriages keeping pace with newspaper advertising, and has become two important forms for advertisers to choose to place outdoor advertising.

With the rise of urbanization, outdoor advertising has become the main way and carrier for urbanites to obtain product information. Walking on the streets of bustling cities, you can see planes, three-sided and single columns with brand product information everywhere. According to the survey of relevant advertisers in CTR’s “Advertising and Marketing Report of Chinese Advertisers”, under the overall positive trend of the advertising industry, as a subdivision of outdoor advertising, LED advertising has grown into one of the outdoor advertising fields. It has grown steadily in the overall advertising market, firmly occupying the third place in the outdoor advertising market.

Most of the outdoor LED large-screen advertisements are some big brand manufacturers, and their modern, dazzling, high-end and atmospheric media characteristics also determine the attractiveness and influence of outdoor LED media itself. In recent years, the continuous launch of outdoor LED large screens by major brand manufacturers has effectively driven the rapid growth of the advertising market.

However, LED large screens are mainly built in the traffic arteries and core business districts of major cities, and the cost of each screen is high. The cost of a LED display screen is as high as several million to tens of millions. , leasing, approval, every link needs to spend money, so some outdoor advertising companies dare not easily get involved in LED.

Not only that, the advertising rental price of the outdoor LED large screen is also very expensive. On an office building on Shennan Avenue in Shenzhen, an LED advertising space with an area of less than 300 square meters was sold at a high price of 30 million yuan for 6 years; a media company in Guangzhou bought a core location at a high price of more than 10 million yuan per year LED; for the transformation of LED screens in a core location in Shanghai, the cost of land acquisition has been raised to 15 million yuan. The list goes on.

The high cost price of outdoor LED large screen makes its advertising positioning naturally higher. The high threshold set by this kind of advertising makes some advertising companies and advertisers who operate outdoor advertising business discouraged. The marketing director of the Shanghai company of a real estate company said that they have not tried outdoor LEDs yet. First, they feel that the price is relatively high. In addition, because of the fast scrolling characteristics of LED large-screen advertisements, the person is worried: “There are so many advertising cycles. Play, by the time our ad airs, our target audience may have already left.”

Some owners of small and medium-sized enterprises believe that outdoor LED large-screen screens have certain limitations for small and medium-sized enterprises and brands that are not well-known. Not to mention the high price of advertising on outdoor LED large-screen screens, the main reason is that LED advertising has a negative impact on the brand image. The requirements are high, and it is not suitable for ordinary small businesses.

In addition, sound is also a major bottleneck restricting the effect of advertising on outdoor LED large screens. Due to the special geographical location of the city’s core business district, the municipal government does not allow LEDs to have a loud sound when playing advertisements, and even limits its volume, which leads to LED large screens being limited by the sound when playing advertisements. And affect the playback effect of the advertisement.

The above reasons make many screen owners who hold large LED screens operate at a loss. Many operators of large LED screens revealed that the capital threshold for operating outdoor LED large screens and placing LED advertisements is very high, and not everyone can afford it. affordable. According to the survey data of the Eagle Eye Outdoor Advertising Network, 75% of the operators of outdoor led large-screen media in the country are currently at a loss, 15% are in balance, and only 10% of the operators are profitable, of which more than 70% are outdoor The vacancy rate of large LED screens is as high as 80%.

In addition to the high vacancy rate of LED large screens, unreasonable advertising operation mode and scattered media resources are also the main factors that cause difficulties in the operation of LED large screens. The accelerated pace of urbanization has made the regional division of major cities in China clearer and clearer in recent years, and the more detailed the division of urban functions, the more accurate the selection of media positions for advertising on large LED screens.

In order to enable the advertisers who place the LED large-screen advertisements to obtain more valuable communication effects, the LED large-screen operators will accurately select the placement locations for them according to the different attributes of the advertising products and the specific audiences they target, and use market research data Provide advertisers with tailor-made delivery programs, and continue to provide support and assistance for advertisers to obtain satisfactory communication effects. Secondly, people in the industry believe that the construction channels of LED large screens can also be broadened. Wang Tian, ​​co-founder of Beijing Qingmei Road and Landscape Design Institute, suggested that LED large screen operators should open their minds when building and selecting LED screens. , to see if it can be combined with other fields to highlight the biggest advantages of led large screens.

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