Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

LED creative display, as we all know, has opened up another market in the LED display industry with its unique product shape, unique customization and personalization. In the current creative display field, it can be seen that the application range of LED special-shaped screens is also expanding.

So how to enlarge the characteristics of LED creative display products, the summary can be summarized into the following points:

1. The creative display screen must conform to the architectural structure of the installation site. Different scenes use different product shapes and structures, and you can also customize the shape that best fits the scene. Use triangles, rectangles, and arcs of different sizes to stitch together distinctive shapes. The tunnel scene uses a curved screen, and the bar uses a unique DJ booth, but it is not limited to these scenes and these displays.

2. The shape of the creative display screen should be as close as possible to the cultural theme that needs to be reflected in the scene. The relationship between the shape of the creative display and the application site can enhance the recognition of the brand or scene. For example, Ming Xingguang’s Guangzhou Baiyun Airport case is a good example. Mingxingguang’s existing special-shaped products cannot be combined with all cultural themes, so customers need to communicate with us during application to customize suitable ideas.

3. Playing materials that match the shape of the creative screen. There are many kinds of materials to play, but the materials are very important to make the creative screen show a perfect display walls effect. The display material must match the product shape to reflect the difference between the creative screen and the conventional screen. The display material and the shape use the same outline, the material is within the display range of the shape, and other features are combined to make the creative display shine.

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