Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Trace and cut out two hat patterns for the mother and father using green paper and one child’s hat pattern from red paper. Using the patterns below, trace and cut out pockets and flaps from the felt as follows: three small each from green, two small each from yellow, one small and one large each from red. Add cut up brown paper bag pieces to the end in the shape of a broomstick. When that glue is dry, fold the tie in half, bringing the end up to just before the tie starts to narrow. It takes years to master the art of blowing glass, but for those interested in the challenges and rewards of that commitment, there are many different ways to achieve that end. I did a lot of the illustrations at home at night, custom beaded clutch because there just wasn’t time in the studio. Loosely modeled after the pagan tradition of Candlemas, Phil’s shadow, or lack of shadow, predicts whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter. Thread through a few more beads; tie the thread onto the anklet so that the animal hangs down. Thread the needle through a small bead on the anklet and then through one of your clay animals.

Then thread a needle with colored thread and make a knot. Turn the needle gently to make the hole big enough for thread to pass through. Poke a needle through the back of each animal to make a hole. Fold over and glue the ends of the 17-inch pieces of ribbon and rickrack to the back of the black felt. Glue two 21-inch lengths of rickrack side by side on top of each 21-inch length of ribbon. Cut two 17-inch lengths of rickrack, and glue them side by side on top of each 17-inch length of ribbon. Glue two 21-inch lengths of ribbon horizontally on the black felt, 1/2 inch from the top and bottom. Cut the ribbon into two 17-inch lengths and two 21-inch lengths. Glue the 17-inch lengths of ribbon vertically on the black felt, 1/2 inch from the sides. To glue the pockets to the black felt, glue the bottom of each pocket first, then slightly push in the sides of the pocket and glue them. Draw the fingers on the father’s hands with the black marker, then glue them to the front.

Bring the “arm” parts of the father’s “body” together, overlapping the arms in front and stapling them together. As you apply pressure (or, in this case, the weight of your body) on top of these beads, you are pushing air out of them and reducing their size. Repeat for the mother’s body pattern using green paper and the child’s body pattern using yellow paper. Repeat for the mother’s hat and the child’s hat. Trace and cut out two head patterns for the mother and father, one child’s head, and two father’s hands from brown paper. Let dry. Fold the father’s hat in half, bringing the short ends together, and staple or glue the hat to the father’s head. I like that you dry the paste and rehydrate it later. Let the animals dry until the clay is hard. When the paint is dry, paint the animals with a coat of clear varnish or nail polish. Paint the animals with bright colors. Coming up is another great project involving the wild animals of Africa. The pointed flowers below the wild rose have a raised technique using over-crowding to make the beads arch over the petal surface.

With the help of these silicone beads microwave heat bag, the blood flow of the injured area can be regulated which relaxes the swollen part. Kwanzaa is celebrated for an entire week, so keeping track of what festivities happen when can be hard. Go to the next page to learn how to make a Kwanzaa family. Insert the bodies one inside the other, turning them so the child is cradled at the center of the family. Glue heads onto the bodies of the mother, father, and child. Available in three designs: plain black, light pink with whole flowers and a light pink with flower heads. Czech Charlotte beads are also donut-shaped with a facet cut onto the surface of the bead (just one facet), offering a little sparkle as the facet catches the light. These bird and animal beads are so small that you can string together a whole herd! Gorgeous cropped jackets can be found at every price point, in every store from Kohl’s to Barney’s.

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