Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

LED display assembly is a complex and cumbersome process. Every link requires engineers and technicians to have excellent professional skills to be able to make LED display products fine and detailed. People in the industry know that the LED display screen is made up of many modules, and the modules are assembled by many lamp beads. During the assembly process of the LED display, the assembly steps are one after another, and the rings must be careful, otherwise the effect of the LED display will be affected. In order to meet the requirements of large-area, high-brightness, dynamic display screens and other applications of LED displays, as well as the drive matching requirements of LED matching drivers. The following mainly introduces four kinds of led display connection forms:

1. The whole screen of the led display screen is assembled in series: generally, the LED1-n in the simple series connection mode is connected end to end, and the current flowing through the led display is equal when it is working. The other is an improved method with a series connection mode of 1.1 with a bypass.

2. Parallel assembly of the entire LED display screen: one is a simple parallel form, and the other is an independently matched parallel form. In the simple parallel connection mode, LED1-n are connected end to end in parallel, and the voltage on each led video display screen is equal during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but we also strive to take the parallel form of independent matching for this problem, which has the characteristics of good driving effect, complete protection of a single led display, no influence on other work when a fault occurs, and large differences in matching.

3. Cross-array assembly method of LED display screen: The cross-array shape is mainly proposed to improve the reliability of the LED display screen and reduce the failure rate.

4. Mixed assembly method of led display screen: The advantages of the parallel and series mentioned above are integrated. It also includes 2 types. One is the hybrid connection method of serial first and then parallel, and the other is the hybrid connection method of parallel first and then serial connection.

The above four LED display assembly connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to different applications, the most suitable LED display connection method can be selected. Many engineers and technicians tend to ignore this point, resulting in various connection failures of the LED display, which ultimately affects product quality and reduces user trust. It can be seen that in the assembly of led display, the details determine success or failure!

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