Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

Joyería Artesanal Contemporánea

The high-standard laboratory is equipped with a first-class air purification system and temperature and humidity control system. In the LED lighting lamp, there are neatly arranged chips of particle size, which are the world’s leading silicon substrate yellow LED chips.

This chip makes the electro-optic conversion power efficiency of silicon-substrate yellow LEDs reach 21.5%, which is much higher than the highest level (9.63%) in foreign public reports, making my country’s LED technology in the “partial leader” position. The new achievements have been invited to give 6 invited reports at international and domestic conferences. The international counterparts commented “amazing”, and the domestic counterparts commented “another earth-shattering world record”.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s affirmation is the driving force for Jiang Fengyi’s team to move forward unremittingly. At the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, Professor Jiang Fengyi, a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and vice president of Nanchang University, received the first prize certificate of the National Technology Invention Award from General Secretary Xi Jinping as the award representative. In February 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the laboratory of the National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanchang University, affirming that they have great determination to tackle scientific research problems and grasp the transformation of achievements, high goals, practical work, and good results. To Jiang Fengyi, being elected as the representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is not only an honor for the scientific community and researchers in Jiangxi, but also an honor for the National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanchang University. “Only by working harder can I be worthy of the trust of the general secretary and everyone.”

Another breakthrough and lead, mainly due to the collaborative innovation of MOVCD equipment and technology. To make LED materials, the core equipment used to have to be imported, and only two companies in the United States and Germany are producing this core equipment in the world. In recent years, the center has independently developed a new generation of MOCVD high-end equipment, which is especially suitable for the research and development of yellow LEDs, and has been included in the “National 13th Five-Year Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development Plan”.

The biggest market for yellow LED chips is that they replace phosphors. Jiang Fengyi said that the current LED lighting is mainly blue LED + phosphor, because the electro-optic conversion efficiency of yellow LED chips is not high, so phosphors must be used to replace yellow LED chips. Now that the yellow LED chips have reached a high level, they can get rid of the life of phosphors and enter the next generation of semiconductor lighting in the true sense.

LED lighting technology still has a lot of room for development. Not only the yellow light, but at present, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the silicon substrate green LED researched by Jiang Fengyi’s team is also up to 40%, which is at the world’s first-class level; the development of the new anti-aurora red creative led video wall technology based on the Ag-based reflector has made important progress and expanded The direction of research and development has been set; the next-generation LED lighting technology based on the synthesis of five-primary-color LEDs has reached the practical level and is moving towards the goal of “leading the way in an all-round way”.

On October 19, the Jiangxi Provincial Delegation participating in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China discussed opening up to Chinese and foreign media. Jiang Fengyi said affectionately at the meeting: “In the past, I was very envious of foreign researchers, who had a lot of research funding and could do a lot of innovative work. Now in turn, our research conditions are very good, and we can do many things that we wanted to do before. I dare not do scientific research work that has not been done abroad and changes the world. Not long ago, Nanchang University entered the ranks of national double first-class construction universities, becoming a first-class discipline construction university, and my discipline is also included in the plan. We have formulated development The strategy will closely combine Jiangxi’s major needs, and broaden the research field and research direction. I hope that in the near future, we can lead the world in terms of new photovoltaic materials.”

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